The Correct way to Apply for micro jobs and your work not be rejected

   Many of the workers who start working on keenworkers, they do not have experience in this field so that they perform the tasks incorrectly, and keenworkers has emphasized that the workers must maintain their success rate higher than 20%, so that they can perform more tasks in the future and the employer can add them to their group to hire them later for more jobs, and if their success rate is lower than 20%, then they They will not be able to perform tasks on keenworkers.

For this, Dear members I would like to clarify the method of applying to microjobs correctly so that your work is accepted by employer and get paid , and avoiding your work to be rejected and so that your success rate does not decrease as well.


1- Read Job details carefully, and the proof required, apply only if you are able to perform the task




lets look at this Example :




Here, the employer asked you to register on this site

Then you are also asked to work on the site until your balance becomes 0.10$

This means that it is not enough to register on the site only, but you must also work on this site until your balance becomes 0.10$ , and then take a screenshot from within the site that shows your account balance 0.10$


2- Submit the correct proof required from you :

- the correct way to submit proof :





Do not copy and paste: it considers spam and the employer will reject your work





Do not write ( done , i did the job as required, or any other words )

Do not write anything that has not been asked of you (if he asks you for an email and a screenshot, then submit only email and screenshot, nothing more or less)




Please, if you have any question, then write below in comments or just contact us by using contact form and keenworkers team will be so glad to help you


thank you,

keenworkers tem.